Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get That Tea Cup Ready

When The View came on the scene, Barbara Walters pitched it by saying how she would love to sit around a table with coffee with very interesting women talking about current topics, introducing the women she picked. I thought of that way before Barbara Walters. Only my forum would be a cottage or cabin with fascinating women I know. We could spend a weekend, drinking tea or coffee, conversing about Jesus.
I have a few women that I haven't met to add to my group from my Bible studies. I mentioned Anita yesterday, from England. Mary DeMuth, another writer, from Texas, but she has also lived in France. These women are just two of many with whom I would love to sit down and have tea.
When I was a small girl, but able to appreciate intelligent TV(I know, an oxymoron), Steve Allen hosted a show on PBS with a similar concept called Meeting of the Minds. Three or four actors portrayed historical people from different time periods. Steve's wife, Jane Meadows, was on frequently as the woman of the week, like Queen Elizabeth I, my favorite. The actors discussed ideas in a round table format, with Steve being the present day moderator.
I know I may never meet these women with whom I would so love to chat on this side of Heaven. I think Heaven will be so awesome as we exchange ideas and stories. There is no time frame in Heaven, so no rushing through the topics. Heaven is full of joy and what brings us joy. I believe fellowship will be a major activity we will relish.
All those people you can't physically be with now, whether with time restraints, financial set backs or death, I know the time will be redeemed with them, if they know Jesus. Take heart and look forward to the day with no clocks, cell phones beeping or insistent children needing something. Just relaxed time to truly enjoy each other. I'm not even sure how we'll communicate, but it will be perfect. Get that tea cup ready.
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