Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Missionaries

Today I got to meet two wonderful missionaries. I have been reading their blogs for a while. I love that I can read missionaries' blogs now. This couple had a table set up in her home church in Youngstown, OH, actually Coitsville on US 422. I took the time this morning to meet them in person.
I always had a love for missions. I have blogged before about Mission Conference in New Wilmington. With my dad being an elder, we often had dinner with them. Dad's heart was for missions, also. We loved when missionaries came to speak. I remember being so surprised to hear nay-sayers  grumble about a mission speaker the first time. I'm not surprised anymore, but I still don't understand.
Dad wanted to be a missionary, but did not want to have his children in boarding schools, back in the fifties when boards felt that was best. I, too, wanted to be a missionary, one reason I became a nurse, but marriage followed me instead or I followed it. One day as I drove to Mercer when I first became a home health nurse, I felt God speak into my heart that this was my mission field.
My children I hope will be missionaries. Mary Ellen stated her mission field is Hollywood because "someone has to be a missionary there." Katie teaches Missionettes.
So what is missions? Is it always going to a foreign field? I think missions is telling people wherever you live about Jesus. Dad's field was Sharon Steel. At his funeral, so many people told me they came to Jesus because of my Dad's witness. He was not afraid to testify.
Gabrielle and Samuel are led to where no one has heard of Jesus. They are have been in Ethiopia, India and live in Sweden. I pray for them daily as they continue in their journey. India again in the fall. They are a sweet couple in love with Jesus and each other.
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