Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday in my church growing up involved third through sixth grade Sunday School students. I had to wait till third grade before I participated. During the first hymn of the service, the children waved palm branches marching up the center aisle and dividing up the sides. We did that the whole song. We also kept the palm we waved.
I so looked forward to the day when I was old enough to wave those palms. I did love the anticipation of rites of passage. It seemed the guidelines were more established then, maybe because a larger population of children allowed it.
Rally Day when we moved up in Sunday School classes in the fall. Not joining junior high youth group until the fall of seventh grade. Communicants class in seventh grade, waiting until then to take communion. These events opened up life for me while waiting to grow up.
Don't rush through life and don't rush your children. I do think I cried more my daughter's junior year than her senior year thinking about her leaving. As Community is on in the background, I think, seize the day.
Community is a TV series on community college. I like Chevy Chase in it. I always liked Chevy Chase, the preppie SNL alum. Sorry for this aside.
Back to my point, dreaming about the future is part of our experience and should be embraced. Live in the day, though. Memories also help us learn. The important thing is to live. Day seized!
Do you think Jesus did that on the Triumphal entry, even though He knew how the mood would change? 
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