Sunday, March 25, 2012

Go to the Place Together

David and I reminisced about the house songs bringing the song back to our life. Life problems, responsibilities and dreariness creeps in, weighing a couple down. Laughing hides and disappears. A shared song is silent, forgotten.
I mentioned hearing the House song and immediately the words sprung to our lips. Memories flood, causing a tie to strengthened. We laughed about our two cats in the yard, although, the cats we had then never ventured in the yard. Funny, though, before owning a house, life was not so hard.
Couples have these ups and downs. They must find a common thread to tie the loose ends. A song, a memory, a value draw the couple into the love that started the relationship. A secret is to keep our senses open to the notes of life, the beauty of life, the breath of life. One needs to lead the other to this place. Extend a hand or grab the hand to get to life together.
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