Friday, March 16, 2012

Missed the Auditorium

I missed the auditorium. Has it been that long since Christmas? Tonight with our spring weather giving May feelings, end of winter bliss, so wonderful to go to the school without a jacket. A skirt and short sleeve shirt, fancy red necklace and strappy red sandals, I dressed for Theater.
I sat with my oldest daughter and my friends. The pit orchestra begins the music. I realize in just a few numbers, I'm relaxed, my cares are gone. I'm not thinking of cross fire of personalities, pleasing people, work. I'm in some office in the 1960's rooting for Finch to succeed in business. Oh, but he tries.
I love these kids. Their performance brings me joy. I have watched them grow, especially my youngest daughter of course. Tonight, they seemed to have fun, no stress in the voices. I wasn't familiar with the story which I believe enhanced my participation.
Four more performances I'm looking forward to attending. I feel wonderful watching the talent. So for those of you have been praying. I felt it. Like the rain that turned into the perfect May evening in March in western Pennsylvania, my mood cleared too. I think often, this is kind of scary. Maybe it part of living in this area. As another musical declares- The sun will come out tomorrow.
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