Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pray, Not Fear

I just finished listening to Chris Fabry Live continuing his conversation about why he quit listening to Rush Limbaugh. I find it exciting when I feel several people are on the same topic. You should probably link to his show because I don't want to rehash what he just said.chrisfabrylive.
I do feel that my last few posts have been a call to the topic of this show. We need to not fear the political or cultural climate today. Christians are not given the spirit of fear, but of love(2 Timothy 1:7.) I feel as women and if any men are reading, you are sure welcomed to join, a prayer movement will do more for our country and our youth than all the legislation a conservative congress can pass. I knew this before, but sometimes I get sidetracked.
I believe in voting. I believe in voting one's heart. I know one must do research and that does not exclusively include political ads. But what will move this country is prayer. I envision women sitting around a table with coffee or tea, praying. I see them on their knees in living rooms. They need to be praying, with their eyes opened, driving their kids to school or other functions. Women in constant prayer for what they see, feel and know.
We pray for that person who cut us off. We pray for the activist with whom we don't agree. We pray for those with whom we do agree. We pray for the teachers and schools. We pray for our husbands and families. We pray for our president and leaders. We leave no one out. We pray for TV, movie and theater personalities. We don't curse the darkness, but become a light.
Come on, women, we need to pray more than ever. I'm excited to see what prayer will sway. Look for the good, the bright, and the right. Above all, look to God.
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