Sunday, May 13, 2018

Stronger Love

Stronger Love
Mollie Lyon

The adult child acts for self.
The mother loves without self.
The acts slam into her heart.
The mother wonders will the healing start?
The mother feels despair.
She's afraid to clear the air.
Each instance digs a hole more deep
Mother wonders why she can't weep
She wonders why she can sleep.
The secret comes
With the sun.
Mother's love never ends
The heart may break
But it mends.
Distance may grow
But child belongs
To the One above
The One containing a stronger love.
So, she rests in that thought
With Christ's love, they were bought.
He'll fight tougher
He'll fight longer
After her arms hold no more
His arms are stronger,
As is His love.
Hard to imagine
But there is a love stronger than a mother's.