Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Drives Your Saturday Morning?

The morning started beautiful and bright, full of promise. The wind picked up, bringing clouds and cold. I was done with the word search before 830 am. My Saturday morning routine, when I can do it, completed. Devotions, prayer, journaling, morning paper and finish with word search are in the can. A little after nine, and the thought of searching for cars in this stiff breeze that is knocking the shingles off my roof does not interest me. What to wear holds me back.
Have my favorite jeans on that made a trip to Scranton this week. I thought they were washed, but couldn't find them. Half the battle is done. Layers for the top, but not too much, as a hair appointment is scheduled at noon.
Actually, I'm thinking, laying in bed reading without the soon interruption of my eyelids is very tempting. I've had my coffee and breakfast of oatmeal with walnuts. A grapefruit half waits. Before I finish cleaning up, I expose myself to the squirts of juice.
Ah, sun has returned, but briefly? Gray, white, slate and sky blue mottle the sky. Very little sky blue. Desperate need for a car drives this Saturday morning.
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