Friday, March 30, 2012

Wonderful World
Here is another blog post that so keeps with my theme of needing that spark in my life. I haven't really gotten away to pray, just spend time with God, in too long of a time. I do wake every morning to read and listen to His voice, but so tired some days. Does make me wonder how badly I would face life, if I didn't take that time with my precious Lord.
My favorite go to place for a prayer retreat that is local for me is Pymatuning. I walk and talk, and listen all morning. I watch the eagles soar outside the Nature Museum on the northern end of the lake. Truly has been too long since I've done that by myself.
I like Mahaney boat launch closer in Sharpsville, too. I sit on a bench gazing at the water, praying. A crisis brought me there one time, long ago. Hmm. That crisis involved work as well. The balancing act of work and home brought me to my knees, as a young mother, grieving my father's recent death. No one realized how much I depended on him, how he was my rock. My daughter was to have the full joy of him being her local grandpa. My dream of bliss died on February 6, 1990.  The white picket fence illusion blown away by leukemia.
But I survived. I have survived many down times. I thought as I read the Psalms this morning, too. David could be very depressed and he expressed it, but his hope was always in the Lord. The Psalms have expressed my feelings exactly some days when I read them. My copy is all marked up with little notes, underlined and highlighted verses. I love reading them when the crisis has passed and I'll write a note there, then. Joys are in the Psalms, as well.
I wanted to also talk about this blogger, Anita. She started following me on Twitter. I started reading her blog. I love the England background, with charismatic Christian flair. She is insightful, sharing many of the same battles I have. Always being an Anglophile, I find this most satisfying, like the pen-pals of old. What a wonderful world that is opened to us.
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