Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Persistent Widow Prayer

One of the most hopeful things Jesus taught on prayer is in Luke 18:1-8, the widow and the judge. He taught other times on persistent prayer, but I think because she is a woman, a defenseless woman who needed protection, that she resonates with me. Since the beginning of my marriage, I have often been alone, emphasizing with widows. I kept at the prayers.
My saying lately has been 'like a dog with a bone' or in my house this afternoon, a dog with a pillow- stuffing every where. We need to be women that pray without letting go or giving up. Grab hold of the idea that our prayers can move the Hand of God, changing our world.
I don't want to look like my dog who has given up on getting my attention as he lays on his side, the tatters of white fluff scattered on the floor under the dining room table. I don't want to roll over in defeat. I don't want women to give up, either.
A woman has a prodigal son or daughter, she walks the floor, pleading for them. She enlists prayer support. She asks for Aaron and Hur to lift up her arms when she can't anymore. (Exodus 17:10-13). Our country has many lost children and we need to pray for them. Some mothers may not even be able to pray or know how to pray. Come up alongside of them, giving comfort, praying for their children.
Are you not sure how to pray, but feel that urgency? Any book Stormie Omartin wrote on prayer is immensely practical. She tells the reader the importance of prayer, then ends the chapter with written prayers. They are powerful. God listens to sincere prayer that lines up with His scripture, so we must also be in the Bible.
Be that persistent widow praying for your family and your neighbor's. And remember, we are all neighbors.
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