Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Youngstown (Ohio) State University Stadium through the Taylor History Center

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

Lap top problems and preparing for vacation left little time for research or new ideas for this page. Two weeks ago, I took the online course required for all license personnel in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Many ideas gleamed from that, but I hadn't taken the time to form a post.
Even with my job focused mostly with the elderly, I am a mandated reporter. We commented about this at a family dinner, since Jerry Sandusky could have received clearances before the accusations. We need a spirit of discernment. Listen to  our gut feelings. The message I received from the online course tells me to report anything out of the ordinary.
The number for Pennsylvania is 1-800-932-0313. Non-licensed people are considered passive reporters. I am assured reporting is anonymous. I pray I never have to find out.
I also attended band concerts the last few weeks. I want to encourage us to pray for our music teachers. Music saves lives of so many children. Singing, playing an instrument, and performing in plays carried many children and teens through rough times. One mother credited it for saving a son from suicide as the parents went through a messy divorce.
Today is two fold. Continue to pray for discernment and report any suspicions.  Also to pray for those teaching our children, especially those in the arts. The emotional hurts rise to the surface as they feel vulnerable with music, but this can also soothe their souls. Don't forget the children. Support the arts as you can. Pray teachers will notice problems. Pray also for their integrity.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Poland Village Forest

Lap Top Returns This Morning

Getting the lap top in the morning. I will be back to my flurrying keys. I warmed snail pace to this keyboard. I am content. And look forward to feeling the life return to my fingers, without that hesitancy, pushing the wrong keys because of the different size and sticking of some keys. So hold on. Wordless Wednesday returns. Team Teddy will be on Thursday.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Been Flighty

The saga of stalls continues. But I have an easy week before vacation. The lap top waits to be repaired. Today, I take it locally to a place recommended to me. I really don't like the keyboard to our PC. I hesitated to write.
I didn't even repost yesterday the love story, Pearl Harbor, for my parents' seventy third wedding anniversary until today. I miss them more each year. Funny, it is not the raw on the edge emotion of the first years, but a quiet welling of tears at unexpected moments that vents my sadness. Mother's Day wrecked me more this year than some. Father's Day always blasts me to the shore of those emotions.
I have adopted so many mothers where I work, now. I am blessed. But one is in the hospital and I watch similar symptoms take over their bodies that finally won in my own mother's body.
My own journey of motherhood is in a valley, as I fight the doubt of my choices. As I allow some of my discouragement escape, others with adult children open up to me. There are groups for mothers of preschoolers and school age children, but I think parents of adult children need a support group, too. Toxic parents anonymous.
I saw the post today at the bottom of this page. My heart is always with my writing. I love my craft. I started a few weeks ago to handwrite a journal again. I feel free with that. As I vowed in the year 2000, to journal/write every day to prove my determination to be serious as a writer, I resumed handwriting my first thoughts every morning.
As my vacation approaches in this week that is less hectic, I look forward again to finishing Outside of Time's first draft. Then, I have Country to return to and finish. Last Free Exit will get a re-visit this summer for publication in the fall. I anticipate, Waterfire book signings outside of Designs by G store in downtown Sharon and our Western PA author reading festival July 25 in Mercer, Pennsylvania. Maybe this July will be the blessed seven month I expected last year.
I keep my dream. I will never lose my dream. I have been awake working on it for too long to give up. I'll overcome the setbacks and develop more stories. Each day brings more stories and the ground is fertile.

A Story I Don't Mind Telling Again and Again

I think of a couple engaged for 6 months. A thin blond beauty, a skinny red head, she, just 18 by one day and he, 20. The red head has been working at Sharon Steel. He already has served 3 years in the Army in Panama. He lied about his age before his senior year in high school because he couldn't afford a suit. It was the Great Depression.He's been home about a year.
They met at Idora Park in Youngstown, Ohio, the summer before. The girl wouldn't accept a diamond on her graduation, but said yes a week later. Her dad tells her she is "crazier than that dog over there" His mom sees them "necking" in his living room, "I see what you're doing Gerald."
He replied,"I don't care, Mother."
Pearl Harbor, an unbelievable event happens, and their plans are changed. December tenth, he signs up for the Army Air Corp for the duration of the war. I'm not really sure what their plans were before Pearl Harbor, probably get married in the spring.
So, I guess in a way, that didn't change.
He got a twenty four hour pass from Roosevelt Field and came to Sharon, Pennsylvania on May 17, 1942 and married the girl, in a Methodist parsonage. They had a dinner in a restaurant in Mercer, Pennsylvania, the town his sister lived. She was there, with the dog Mike.  Billy Boal and Frances,

(not sure if they were married, yet) stood up for them. His mother died before they married of cancer at age forty two.
The young lady joined him two weeks later in New York City for their honeymoon. She rode a train with cars from the Civil War or so she thought since they were old and rickety. She covered with newspaper to save herself from the soot. But her face was black. He didn't care.
It's a story of patriotism and love that I grew up hearing. I wish now I could ask a few more questions. I never tired of hearing their love story or telling it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Still haven't trekked over to Niles to Best Buy to fix the lap top. A few things came up and one didn't get up- me today. Two band concerts to support my great niece and nephew I attended the first part of the week. Today is day off and I'm sluggish as all get out. An appointment at 230PM is keeping me in the Valley right now.
All that to say, Wordless Wednesday is delayed. The day is not over yet. I also applied for a job. One that really seemed the answer to what I have been looking for in my nursing career. That was an unexpected detour while I was looking at e mail. I don't know where God is taking me. I had resigned to not changing horses mid stream because of health insurance issues, but I surrendered all those cares on Him this morning (again!)
Concentrate on writing, too, is always on my mind. Sometimes that takes so much effort, the promoting my publishing career. Worrying about getting the time off for book signings consumes energy. Can I get to one more library to donate Main Street? As the popular movie instructs us all- "Let It Go."
So great pictures are waiting. I'm afraid to use my lap top for anything that I'll lose work. But soon, I'll be confident again. I will emerge from my techno fog. I believe. Remember the green chairs and God inviting me to rest with Him.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

I finished my three hours of CEU for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on Child Abuse Prevention. A lot of material that I will refer to in the future. Not sure why the certificate didn't copy completely. Lunch calls and I don't have time to play right now.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


All I feel I'm doing is waiting. Waiting. Waiting for what? Day off? Kid to get up? Not the weekend, I work almost every weekend. Waiting for that moment.
Before I know it, the day lapsed to noon. I did nothing, it seems. Now, I wait for the lap top to get fixed on my day off.
I'm afraid to write and lose those words. I want to escape to Old Forge and the other fictional town in Ohio, I haven't named yet. The story exhales when I write. The day throws a blanket on the mouth with too many errands or chores I don't do. And as always, never enough time. And I sit, seeming to do nothing, as I wait. The day goes not as predicted. Do they ever?
A lie, they say, never enough time. It is a lie. We make time for what we want to do. But some days, the walk on a perfect May day devours the time. I let it. Even as Harrison piddled too often growing that irritation inside me. My desire burns  to fill my day. I try to beat the clock before it rings to remind me to get ready for work.
Interesting as I see the theme of this post, that the novel I'm writing is about Time. Outside of Time. We fight it or wait for it. Some day, I may have too much, but not enough. Or some day, I won't know it. I doubt that I'll lose recognition of time, as dementia doesn't run in my family.
The Techno Demon I wrote about a few years ago on my foray to WordPress unsettles my day. Jesus talked about the little foxes that ruin the vine. Another writer talked about the distractions to keep us from our work. Maybe even the minutes running into
hours are the real thieves. To paraphrase Yoda, since this is Star Wars month, "Don't Wait, Do." My fingers click this unfamiliar keyboard that I don't like. Hope this helps someone today. "DO."

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Gold turned into fluff

Wish I could capture the scent

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Team Teddy Tuesday

I don't have any new ideas for this week. I'm also having laptop problems. I don't like the keyboard for our PC, so I have been reluctant to type on it. I suppose the more I type on it, the more I'll get used to the keys.
Less backspacing.
Again, I only want my readers to be aware of children around you. We need caution, too. Pray for discernment in reporting anything out of the ordinary. We were talking about the clearances we need in Pennsylvania now, due to Jerry Sandusky. The comment, he could have gotten clearances with no problem came up. We don't know in a way who is abusing. But follow a gut instinct.
Raising awareness.