Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Hug From Above

Do you ever have dreams that are so full of light and goodness that you're walking on air the next morning? I seemed to have one of those last night. A glow flooded through the whole dream. I think because we have been having such exceptional May weather in March in western Pennsylvania.
I married in May, Memorial Day weekend. I have always loved May, although lately June is a close second due to our Mays being drab at times. I examined my mother's album of our wedding last evening before I went to sleep. I looked through it several times, noticing people sitting in the sanctuary, how my oldest sister resembled Cousin Paula, how young my in-laws appeared, realizing they were not much older than we are now. Warm weather and my childhood home nestled in my subconscious.
In this dreamland, I woke in the back bedroom of the house. I knew I was on vacation in this gold room, as the glow started. My niece, the adult Michelle, also visited. My parents talked to us, determining what we would do on our vacation, now sitting on our front porch in glorious sunshine with luxurious green leaves.  I walked to the pool. But the pool did not resemble my childhood memories, instead looked when as an adult I took my children there. No conflict in this dream, no running or falling sensation, no soaring either, though. Just a comfortable vacation feel surrounded me. Near the end of the dream, my husband also joined me, then the ringing alarm woke me. The first time in weeks the alarm actually woke me.
What do you think about dreams? A dream like this feels like a hug from above, don't you think? At least to me it does.
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