Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's Over

Whew! It's over. My word count didn't agree with the site's validation at about eight-thirty last night. Not just a few words, but about two thousand.  I added some beef to parts I had lightly written, when I thought, I'm almost done, until that validation told me otherwise. Still not enough. I think I wrote about four to five endings to get the count up.
I looked at that as a blessing giving me more time with the characters and delving deeper into their lives. I woke this morning, knowing they had been in my dreams. The song I had chosen as the love theme for the couple wrapped itself around me this morning, the Beach Boys' God Only Knows. It was like when I read a novel, finally ending it, I can't stop thinking about it.
I do think I'll enjoy living with these characters more as I revise and rewrite. I was just meeting them in November, after hearing about them for a year. I entered their lives in November for some crazy days of frenzied writing.
The other thing that is over today is the Hickory Hornets foot ball season. Our third trip to Slippery Rock University in that many weeks. The team played well, but the other team had been winning since they were in eighth grade. Bittersweet. I love the stories that go with the foot ball players and their families. Coach Brest supported by his wife. The aunt who stood and danced for her senior nephew, wearing his jersey. The mother who screamed when her son made touchdowns. The grandfather proud of his quarterback grandson. I shed a small tear as they exited the field to greet their families, but I love this team and their enthusiasm. They didn't get to be District 10 champions and move on to quarter finals without hard work and spirit.
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