Saturday, March 17, 2012

Long Walk

I was reading Luke 24 this morning about the walk to Emmaus some followers made after the news of Jesus' resurrection, a seven mile walk from Jerusalem. I always liked to read this on Easter afternoon or early evening as a "this is when it happened in history kind of moment." After the excitement of that special morning, to think on that some more.
This morning, I felt impressed with  the mileage. How long does it take to walk seven miles? I know I have never walked that much, I don't think. Hikes I don't even think were that long. They were of course used to traveling that way, but still I think this is a long walk. What I noticed more was after Jesus revealed He was risen, alive, not a ghost, they immediately took that walk back to the other disciples. Sounds like they didn't even clean up the dishes.
My question today is,"What good news motivates you to leave everything to tell someone else?" Dishes on the table, a long walk after a long walk did not deter these two unnamed men. They had to tell the brethern  that Jesus is alive. Would we do that today? Do we have the urgency to spread this to even our friends and relatives?
I think also how Rebekah didn't take the ten days her family wished before she commenced the journey to Isaac. Once she heard the story of answered prayer, she set out with the servant to her unseen husband. An analogy of an immediate response to the invitation of Christ.
The disciples and Rebekah did not hesitate at the length of the journey. They heard good news that stimulated them to move. The trip may be hard, but determination drives the one with good news. Today does the fact that Jesus is alive motivate us?
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