Monday, March 5, 2012

Mother's Prayer Movement

Some mothers praying are recorded in the Bible, Hagar talking to God that she doesn't want to see her son, Ishmael die. Rebekah about her twins fighting in her womb. Hannah in 1 Samuel, pleading for a child. Passion flowing from her so strongly that the priest, Eli thought she was drunk. How often we are misunderstood in our prayers.
Today, I'm suggesting that women pray for mothers to have wisdom in raising their children, especially daughters. Links from our youth pastor were on talking to your children about sex. We have to teach them God's ideal for sex. It is not jumping into bed with any man. That I believe has lowered women so much in the last fifty years.
I remember meeting a nurse in New Hampshire, who also lived right across the hall from us. We were both twenty one. She was married, but had also lived with another man before this husband. I liked her, but I felt a little shocked about this news. Granted that was thirty years ago, and not as common as now, yet I thought when did she have the time? We were so young. And she didn't seem like that kind of girl.
Girls and boys have sex thrown in their face every day. Yet, I think even they have a secret code of decency, at least monogamy. Rappers sing of worst things than Rush Limbaugh ever said. Words are said so casually now on sitcoms that all the tweens and teens seem to watch.
I'm asking that women start a prayer effort to pray for our kids. I have never been to a MOPS- mothers of preschoolers or Moms In Touch group. We used to have a K.I.D.S.- keeping intercession for our daughters and sons at my church. Mothers praying together for their children, getting support, arms lifted up in this battle in the desert is a strong force to not be fought.
Let's be Hannah's praying so intensely that people will think we are drunk., are some of the links Pastor Mike had or check them on Facebook, I linked to them, there, also.
The main thing we must do is pray.
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