Sunday, July 31, 2011

Preachers- Part 2

I don't know as much about David R.(Ross or Rositer, I can't remember) Evans, my Grandpa Evans' grandpa. He was a circuit rider for the Methodist Church. I know Uncle Eddie has/had his book of sermons written in Welsh. David married Emma Dukes from Martha' Vineyard, MA.
I piece ideas together and realize I have some research to do. Grandpa told my mother Emma was from the famous rich Dukes, like Dukes University, and I can't think of the woman whom Lauren Bacall played, but anyways those Dukes. Also, during the Great Depression, the first William Lewis Evans passed away. I believe this was early in the depression, 1932. His cousin, Henry Evans, an owner of Evans Steel in Boston, showed up at the country church in Coolspring Township, near Mercer, PA for the funeral, in a chauffer driven limousine. My mother explained this was a very big deal, as I think it would be today,too. My question, would such a rich and important person show up for a funeral in a back country church today with all the paparazzi?
I've been thinking of David and Emma. What did they leave behind for Jesus? I assume they came from hard working, puritan work ethic backgrounds. What did their families say when they gave up the persuit of the American Dream for preaching God's Word? I'm speculating here, putting a story behind the facts, sketchy facts, at that.
William Evans, the first, retired to Coolspring Township, from Turtle Creek, near Pittsburgh. He was the choir director of the white country church, which is also where the Seth Thompsons were members. That is how Grandma, Hazel, met Grandpa, Lew.
Just an interesting side note, WLE,1, was born Dec. 4th, Grandpa, Dec. 5th, Grandma Lewis, Dec. 6th, skip a generation and Mary Ellen Dec. 8th.
David is another story of faith, I would love to know more about and write the story.
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