Saturday, December 10, 2011

Audition, Audition!

Mary Ellen auditioned for the high school musical this morning. Mrs. Morris listens to the talent, then choses the musical. I'm sure costs are involved, the sets, the rights to the musical, in this decision. Our life has been revolving around the musical auditions for a long time.
I think back to auditioning for district choir, the practicing with Mr. DiSanti, the ride to Westminster College, the exposure to the music rooms there. It seemed that was in December.
I campaigned for Miss Hope of Lawrence County in November of my junior year of nursing school. I thought I did well, but was no comparison to Petey and her Pandora's box speech. She lit up the room with her expressions. David heard all the winner would have to do over the year and silently wished I wouldn't get it. A lot of parades, speaking on Cancer awareness and other activities to be this ambassador for the American Cancer Society. No, Petey was the best candidate.
Right as Christmas break started my freshman year of nursing school, I interviewed for student delegate for the Presbyterian General Assembly. I was weak from just getting out of the hospital, being dehydrated from a stomach virus. I think now, there is no way I would have been kept in the hospital for 2 to 3 days for just throwing up one night. I couldn't keep anything down and since I could walk to the ER across the drive way, the ever vigilant nursing student dorm mates insisted I go and escorted me twice.
The interviewers did not see any energy or maybe I was drifting from my safe harbor of Christianity at that time, as I mentioned in an earlier post. I'm not sure now even where the General Assembly was that next year in the summer, but I missed it.
In my senior year, I did get to be the senior director for the Miracle Worker. This proved to a be an awesome experience. I truly think our students at the time performed wonderfully, especially Dawna Rabold Crammer. During the elementary performance, she walked out to the water fountains, staying in character as Helen. The children gasped that she really was blind! Later we went to Edinboro's performance, as this was Mr. Munnel's ala mater. Maybe we were a little cocky, but again we all felt ours was better.
I just say to all the auditioners, "Break a leg!"
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