Friday, March 2, 2012

Women's World Day of Prayer

Before the impact of the National Day of Prayer, the first Thursday in May, a less emphasized  force on the first Friday of March existed, Women's World Day of Prayer. This was started in 1884 by a Presbyterian minister's wife. Women spearhead many of these movements.
The sanctuary remained opened all day on World Day of Prayer.  A pamphlet written each year by women from different countries guided in prayer. As a teenager, I crept in after school, sat silently in a pew, reading the devotional and praying. Natural light filtered through the stained glass into the high ceilinged room, usually clouds hid the sun, creating a silent dimness that called us into prayer.
I engaged in the importance of this day. Women connected throughout the world. A slight teenage girl participated in this movement feeling the impact. I loved being a part of it.
I read some articles on it, now. I haven't participated since those times when I lived at home. I almost forgot about it. The church I go to doesn't promote it. I work. National Day of Prayer seems to have taken over. A few years ago, reading about World Day of Prayer jolted me to remember and realize it was still celebrated. No denomination dominates this day, just women reaching out to God. I see another day to take off and gather with women around the world to pray, next year.
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