Monday, June 8, 2015

Unsettled As a Late Spring Day

I had set up deadlines for the novel I'm writing and watched the days flash by. Writing at my husband's apartment was not as comfortable as I thought it would be going into the vacation. He also took an extra day off, although I did write that day, too, in the evening. I still hope to have Outside of Time ready by July 18 or 25 for two book signings I'm doing.
Nine days off were wonderful and the week before I had a great schedule. Coming back, though, the Piper had to be paid and I struggled through seven days. I thought yesterday, even God only worked six days. Friday night, I hit the wall, as it were. Tired, sore, to the point of tears, I'd lean over that med cart to gather strength for a smile. Then the weekend I got through without too much difficulty. I guess that is what runners feel? I have no idea. Just hearsay.
I had a wonderful vacation. I wish the two places, Northeastern Pennsylvania and Western Pennsylvania could be one, at times. I loved the mountain lakes, the mountain views, the food and Scranton. I wish I had a better camera than my Instamatic phone. The phone ran out of memory or battery, just when the best photo op came. Still, I got some great pictures.
I spent a great deal of time at the North Pocono Public Library. I received an enthusiastic welcome to place my books on their shelves. Susan, the head librarian, bubbled. The high school steel drum band had just played, so maybe it was a bit of the islands overflow. I took no pictures of this library. I thought I'd get a snap shot of my books on the shelf, but they didn't have a chance to catalog them. Next time I venture to the other side of the state, I'll take some.
I feel as unsettled as this late spring day.
And the techno demon messes with how I want this post to look. So I think I will try to post more later.
Behind the scenes at Shenango Valley Community Library                                               

Inside the Farrell Library

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