Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sybil of Rental Cars

A rental car offers some challenges that can be funny. Waiting for a work car, I may be waiting for awhile. We need a rental since my oldest daughter started a job this week. The car shopping continues into the weekend. Which should be fun since I'm on call and will most likely have to work. Got to pay for the rental somehow.
This evening I had to drive thirty four miles for an on-call visit, as I almost got there, the power steering went out. That seems to happen randomly. Somehow, the temperature was recorded as -22 degrees F. As I turned on the car, the power steering returned, but I was warned "Ice may be possible" Really at -22 degrees? Who would have thought?
I really thought it was funny as we are experiencing warm, rainy weather. Flooding may be possible seemed more accurate. I got to listen to the Summit radio pledge drive. They had noise makers and clapping all around, plus the really rocking music. Their motto during the money raising, "Gratitude is the best attitude." How true.
Another fun thing tonight is driving past Vienna, OH as a plane is landing. I'm impressed during the day to watch these behemoth machines just glide through the air- how does that work? Yes, I have an idea, but it is still a wonder to me. In the dark with all the landing lights on, I'm amazed. Oh, the power steering went out again. I'm building up my arm muscles, especially with the left turns.
My clock is totally off, too. I'm not sure how to adjust that. The first day I drove it, the time jumped a half hour. No idea why. I tried to get the time back, but since no buttons are written in any language, I got us an hour and a half ahead.
Well, with the seriousness of my last few posts, I thought tonight would be an evening of fun. Relax and be glad you're not driving the Sybil of rental cars.
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