Thursday, October 31, 2013


NaNoWriMo Eve. I'm tingly with a new story. I'm also apprehensive. Will I have enough story to write 50,000 words in a month? And on that last day will I be writing nonsense to get the word counts to jive, like last year? That's a month away and I need to focus on each day. 1667 words a day, a minimum to reach the goal.
I haven't drummed up any local budding authors to join me. As much as writing in the Diner fascinates me, I think I'll start here on my couch at the stroke of midnight. I have the first scene to set on laptop. Oh, boy and ideas jump all the time.
I got more thematic stimulation for Country, too, this morning, but she'll have to wait. I need to keep posting, too, on the blog. I may resort to editing and reposting past stories.
So less than twelve hours an adventure to The Last Free Exit begins. I'm finding I want to listen to the Summit radio station more for those creative phrases. The twenty two year old girl from New Hampshire may find a place in this story. Or maybe the nineteen year old thin blonde that visited my dreams with David as the older brother and his younger brother- he has none, but dreams are strange. I'm also seeing a "Jersey Boy" character. Who knows? Each day, I'll visit and see what comes out of my imagination.

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