Friday, October 4, 2013

Living by Beauty

Now they call the part of Connecticut where we lived, the Quiet Corner. Truly, a beautiful area that we explored. The first fall we lived there, we bought a Ford Escort, a stick or standard. By all means, the transition of gears, David proclaime easy for this end of season car, never owned by anyone else. We didn't divorce as he taught me how to drive it.
One Saturday, we rambled around the country side, that looked much like this picture. We came upon a big stone gate with an abandoned old mansion like home. We never saw it again. We ventured out without a local map, just enjoying the scenery.
I fell in love with the deep woods bursting onto a seashore. It always amazed me, in Connecticut and New Hampshire, how ordinary life sat next to the mighty Atlantic. Tourist traps did not exist every where, people ate suppers here, got ready for work and made lives next to beauty. Did they appreciate it? Were the kids better? Or did they just play like other kids anywhere?
How about now? Do they sit inside watching TV, or cruising the internet? Do they look out the window?
I tried to walk every day or ride around. Was this because I knew my time in this lovely area was finite? I wish today sometimes I could just take that ride down to Mystic through places like Gales Ferry, Ledyard and Groton. Driving through the woods of Uncasville, Montville, and Stonington. Loving the little towns of Noank, Niantic and Groton Long Point. But I, too, ended up living there, working, going to community college, having a life and maybe some days not experiencing the beauty like I did. But not too often.
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