Thursday, October 24, 2013

Be Patient, It Will Change

I woke up to big fluffy flakes falling slowly. Against the pines, a mountain feeling flooded me. Against the green trees with tinges of yellow, the snow looked wrong, like mixing the fall and Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving time. Seasons clashing their swords for attention.
I know the snow won't last long. It lingered for a short morning on the roofs. The sun fought to brighten the noon hour but the clouds didn't allow her today.
I have seen snow in October before. I have seen snow's furry with many inches and Buffalo can testify to the abrupt arrival in a season of change. Snow can't indicate our winter or even the rest of our fall. We haven't even seen our colors peak, yet. Green dominates the trees, yet.
Will this snow hasten the colors? I have noticed over the years the peaks fluctuate. I have a picture of Katie in her stroller under the then medium maple in full yellow leaf on October 27. Then last year, I observed the older tree almost leafless on the same date. Nothing remains the same, even from year to year.
Two years in a row, violets surprised me on my walks. The first time was the end of October, with the second after Thanksgiving. A hint of spring joking before winter. I couldn't even say the weather had been practically warm those years. December can feel like spring some years.
January comes with the winter solstice. Generally, she behaves as winter should in those time tables. Yet, there is the proverbial January thaw.
Nothing is really constant, is it? I'm reminded today. I remember weather better I think because I write and with pictures I always wrote the exact date before we had computers. Don't be discouraged by the weather, as I grew up hearing, "Be patient, it will change."
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