Monday, October 28, 2013

Excitement Builds

I am getting excited about NaNoWriMo starting this week. I had a dream last week, basically giving me a plot, always important to novel and a point to the story. I'm going to leave my comfort zone of my couch and try writing in coffee houses and the Diner in West Middlesex. I'm leaning to writing about Amber's friends after graduation from my novel, Summer Triangle. But it may go in a totally different direction.
The abandonment of writing and the thrill of exploring new places, faces and expressions beckons me in the month of November. I have the first scene in my mind, but after that, I don't really know how it will roll. And that is the fun adventure.
I'm trying to inspire writers and pre-writers to join me in this month. The NaNo site keeps track of the writer's progress and offers tips, encouraging blogs and comradeship. The local write-ins bring lap tops and coffee together in coffee shops. Quiet tapping of keyboards and nods of friendship build up the momentum, I imagine. I haven't participated in any write-in's. Years ago, Katie met with an indie published writer at our mall's coffee shop. I would love to do this.
I'm bolstered going into this week with positive reviews of my novel. My writing surprised my mother-in-law. She didn't know I was so talented. She isn't on line and has had an eventful year. Someone gave her a copy of Summer Triangle to read.
I extend encouragement to any one who has a story to tell. This is the month of freedom. Get a program with spell check, so those simple words don't drive you crazy. Check your word count every day, sign up with NaNoWriMo- Get into a chat room, if you can't find someplace local or e-mail me for a rah-rah! You can do it! Join the fun and be amazed at what you can do. Editing is for much later. Like a good soup, writing needs to simmer and sit for a few days for the best flavor.
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