Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teddy Tuesdays

From the Teddy's Law website. They are making progress in awareness. So much I am reading is mothers trusting their children to men they hardly know. Please be aware and speak up:
Please help in the fight for Teddy's Law
Our mission is to fight and protect children from abuse around the world. We will fight for stronger laws and ask our politicians to become actively involved. We all need to be part of this team. Child abuse exist this is a fact. My son Theodore Foltz-Tedesco was tortured to death by his abuser. Penalties must be severe in cases of child torture. We are the voice of these children. Children remain silent out of fear. Fear is what abusers want their victims to feel. It is now time for us to fight and stand up to children services, the states, and the federal government. More needs to be done to protect and save these poor children. It’s time for these agencies to listen and not ignore what’s going on. They are being paid with our tax dollars and yet there are still children dying. That is why Teddy’s Law is so important. We want to see it illegal to remove a child from public school and put them in home school during an open children services case. Operations within children services must improve. We would like to ensure there are no longer appointments being made when children services responds to a case. In addition if no contact is made by the second visit a search warrant is to be issued to enter the home. Local police and children services need to be able to work side by side to serve and protect our children. These are just a few things we want to see done. But like anything it takes a team of people to make this possible. We will be the voice of Teddy and other abused children to make this law a reality. It is our mission to make sure everybody hears us.

Please join in our fight!


Shawn Tedesco and the Team Teddy Team
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