Friday, November 1, 2013

More to the Twenty Two Year Old Mollie

Some more things I'd tell that twenty two year old, sinking into depression in New Hampshire. It's most likely hormones. I see that happening all the time, now. Last week, felt I could hardly move. Today, energized as that cycle is over for who knows how long- ah, the fun of being fifty two and tenacious. I felt great as a month passed and no visit from the old monthly friend, then another, but half way through, well, let's just say, it ain't over yet.
Another word of advice to young Mollie, writing fulfills you. Writing on a lap top is so much easier than even the electric typewriter. Enduring all the documenting nonsense of Sharon Regional Home Health improved your typing skills and getting a computer enhanced the writing time. Yeah, it's fun to write on a tablet with a pen, and you have the original, but maybe you don't really want that, besides clouds aren't just in the sky for your imagination, there is this thing called a cloud to save your writing. Maybe you should have gotten a word processor, but you are busy with children, the best production, always.
I wrote 1793 words last night between midnight and two AM. Not just words but the scattering of the beginning of a story. I always want to tell every thing and describe everything in the first draft. So I run with the story, then think, "Oh, I want to describe that more, but I don't want to bog down the story." It's like my driving, I either fly or want to stop every where.
I'm pleased with my progress so far, because I'm off and I can write in several more sessions today. The day can build up my word count for those days I may be only able to write a few paragraphs. I love writing, but not so much at night. I got weary in the body. NaNoWriMo excitement to hurl out the gate possessed me. I sat right here on my couch and punched away. The idea is not to edit, but I did anyway. I wrote twenty two more words as I glanced over what I wrote.
The wind howled through the night. I could sense the sunshine this morning as I woke in our darkened bedroom- something I'll change some day. Windy and fifty four degrees hasn't budged since nine AM. Sunshine played through the clouds and lifted my spirit. The cat jumps at the chance to catch a leaf as they blow by the window. Now, the sky is covered with solid gray and I wonder when I walk today will I be caught in the rain.
My husband got a later start. I had planned on a noon walk anyways before he arrives home, but since that will be later, I'll see if the wind pushes these clouds along. Still fifty four degrees.
Sure looks like November now. Be grateful. Today, I'm grateful for laptops.
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