Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 Things to Tell My 22 Year Old Self

A perfect fall day with the brightest, clearest blue sky, colors not quite at peak and coolish temperatures created a New Hampshire feel for me. I thought of my sunny little second bedroom in Dover, New Hampshire, thirty years ago. The white four poster bed covered most of the room with a hand me down desk against the wall. I pretended to write there. The scene out my window revealed other garden view apartments with the dark wood beams against the tan stucco and mostly parking lots. A tree right outside the window could have it pass for more country feel if I only looked at it. I sat there and wanted to write but had no story to tell at that time. I wrote complaining entries in my ringed notebook that I found after my walk today.
I had been married a year and a half already and my husband worked long hours on his boat, the Archerfish, in dry dock at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. I lived sixteen hours from home. I had moved twice already and missed not only home, but the friends I had made in Connecticut. I also worked full time midnights and despised being a charge nurse, even then, calling it being a secretary.
I came up with ten things I would tell that twenty two year old girl agonizing at that flimsy desk wishing she were a writer.
1) You will publish books.
2) You are a writer- write.
3) You will still miss the same husband, separated by a government job now.
4) Love grows stronger, as does desire.
5) Mom didn't die bitter. Contentment filled her last four years and she was a blessing to visit.
6) New Hampshire is beautiful, but Pennsylvania is home.
7) Being a charge nurse is still being a secretary, but you can work in ICU, rehab and home health and in an LPN role in a nursing home to do nursing duties. Home health is the best, most satisfying. You will enjoy that the most, but will still need lots of rest and writing will always be your first love.
8) Being a mom is GREAT!
9) Being a grandmother is pretty good, too.
10) Being a Jesus follower, allowing Him in every part of your life is better than just believing about Him.

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