Monday, October 21, 2013

The Atmosphere Changes, Not Jesus

Clear, cool day, the sunshine deceives through the window. The sun doesn't lie, because she is always radiant. The circumstances of moisture, tilt of the earth and other scientific reasons changes the warmth we feel. So is this the way our walk with God can be?
Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is there for me, even if the clouds hide His face. Or I can be in His direct Light, yet feel distantly cold, like a bright winter's day. How often I pray for the atmosphere to change. A static in the air strives to keep us apart from Jesus. Ephesians talks about the rulers in the heavenly realms. I'm sure I memorized rulers of the air, but I can't find that in any of the versions I looked up. Maybe that reference comes from the older NIV that would not be on line?
The point in Ephesians 6:12, our fight is not against people, but evil that exists in this world, set up in domains. We are not weak, though, when we have Jesus and know that a war continues.
Some scrimmages seem victorious when the enemy isolates the weak. But don't you let them(James Taylor song) isolate you. Always have the Bible at the ready- the Sword of Truth. I cannot emphasize enough keeping that Word in your heart. Reaching out to friends, especially fellow believers, creates that greenhouse effect on a frigid winter day. Don't discredit areas that aren't completely Christian. I remember one day, after all my Bible reading and devotions, the truth of it all came from Prevention magazine editorial. And I have mentioned the secular songs that can have a phrase diving into your heart, just recently "Let My Love." I know that was not the intent, yet lately in trials, that song penetrates my thinking.
The temperature climbed just one degree while I was writing. I'm not sure I'm ready for the colder temperatures. The sun shines and though, I don't believe the lie of warmth, I joy in the brightness, looking forward to a slightly warmer afternoon.
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