Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teddy Tuesday

From Teddy's Law Facebook page posted on Sunday 1/26:

One year ago today I received a call no father ever wants to get. My son had passed away. Something that I have never talked about was the fact that I talked to Teddy's mother a couple of days before this. She told me he had a stroke and he hit his head on the bath tub. And when the doctors did test his heart was on the wrong side of his body. I begged to see Teddy at the hospital but she had privacy blocked me. I wasn't the perfect father. And many of times on here I have stated that. I never got a visitation order due to financial reasons. I called the hospital numerous times to see him and never received a call back. Towards the end of me and Shain's conversation she said these words I will never forget. " I will be taking Ted of life support and will have him cremated soon after". When I got off the phone I immediately called the police. If it was not for the quick actions of me and her family them two monsters would have gotten away with murder.
Today we will reflect on Teddy's life. He touched so many lives in his short time here. He continues to be a beacon of hope in children's lives and we will continue to spread the word of Teddy's story to others to create awareness to other children. We will also fight to strengthen the laws which do not protect children but the child abuser. Today we remember you Teddy. Today is your day. And it always will be. May you rest in peace with The Lord. I love you more than you will ever know. I'm sorry you had to go through this. But we find comfort in knowing you are safe from evil.

God Bless

Shawn Tedesco and Team Teddy.

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