Friday, January 17, 2014

Women's Looks- Part One

This post in no way is to be construed as political, although I see it will be. I think back when I was a young girl and the whole women's lib roared. Women burned their bras. I'm still not sure what that said. Most of the girls I knew couldn't wait to wear a bra. It meant we had matured. Now, we have Miley Cyrus and others. I'll talk about those fashions next time. We envisioned at that time, the women ahead of us did the fight. Fired up, they would break that glass ceiling, whatever that meant. We started to realize we could do anything, encouraged by the women older than us.
So Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique title floated around. Gloria Steinem posed angrily with her beautiful long hair, but no nonsense glasses, never losing her cool. Pat Schoeder fought unemotional George Will in National Public Radio debates. No one in the media mentioned their clothes or hair styles, although I did note Gloria's cool hair.
hillary time cover
Did the woman below fight for this kind of coverage forty years ago?
I have been disappointed since Hilary charged the scene back in 1991 with the hair band debate. She was only the wife, then, of a presidential candidate. She was of that generation ahead of me, that I looked to for that guidance in the women's arena. She hastily changed her hairstyle, lost that hair band. Stood by Bill with the Gennifer Flowers story, but it seemed fake to me. I wasn't even a conservative, then. Yet, I cringed every time now, the "liberal" media mentions if she wore a scrunchy. What kind of job is she doing? Who cares if she wears a scrunchy or goes bald? I guess
John Edwards' hair got that much attention, too.
The feminist issue has the same problem as the race issue. People are making strides, but until the media is sex blind and race blind, I feel we will make no progress. I still think Obama partly got elected due to his race. Oh, cool, the first black president.
I see that happening with Hilary Clinton- why did she drop her middle maiden name? Can we possibly elect the first woman president? Will that be partly why she is elected? And what color scrunchy will she wear on inauguration day?
We need to see women doing the work, again and not focus on hair styles, clothes or bags under their eyes- Greta are you listening? Until we are judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin (or hair tie), I'm afraid equality is a mirage.
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