Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teddy Law Tuesdays

Teddy's Law met a glitch when it seemed to attack home schooling families and they withdrew the proposal. I still support the idea behind the law, to save children from torture, abuse and as in Teddy's case, death. And I will continue to support the people behind the law, as I can see their hearts' intent.
I had an uneasy feeling when the law was introduced. Parents rights are important, too.
My observation that the government can be too involved in our lives leading to too many laws and regulations that impinge on our freedoms. My intent on writing about child abuse hinged then on the individual. My warning to step out and look around, leading us to be observant of situations. Even with that warning, prayer and discernment must rule our actions.
I still hold we cannot change our culture with laws, but with  changing attitude and heart. As we make laws, that should slowly come about -yes, gridlock for that matter- we need to educate. Our founding fathers had that in mind, so laws would not come about quickly, but slowly and deliberately with thought. Passion is great to start the ball rolling, but cooler minds must see the future and consequences. The Teddy Law as first proposed may have made criminals of the wrong people.
Should people have reacted viciously as they did to a grieving father only trying to save others from the unbearable pain of losing a child when the system failed? No. We need to voice our opinion with civility and kindness. Proper channels should have been used. Name calling is never an intelligent response, nor can it bring about results.
I will continue on Tuesdays to speak up for the Teddy's that are still living. The children in abusive situations need an eye to see them. We need to be neighbors aware of wrongs in our towns. I pray for children to be rescued from situations that threaten their lives and well being.
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