Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weather Wednesday

Picture from the Buhl Farm Park Facebook page. My phone couldn't have functioned in our negative degree weather. That's Fahrenheit for my non American readers.
The snow rollers have appeared everywhere and when I saw them, I laughed. I have a single one in my back yard with little paw prints going to it and then to the neighbors. The snow rollers are perfect. I love to see the sun shine through some of them.
From C.S. Lewis' That Hideous Strength:
"'We both like Weather. Not this or that kind of weather, but just Weather. It's a useful taste if one lives in England.'
'How ever did you learn to do that, Mr. Denniston?' said Jane. 'I don't think I should ever learn to like rain and snow.'
'It's the other way round,' said Denniston. 'Everyone begins as a child liking Weather. You learn the art of disliking it as you grow up. Haven't you ever noticed it on a snowy day? The grown-ups are all going about with long faces, but look at the children -and the dogs? They know what snow is made for.'"
God does, too. I worship God for His playfulness.
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