Saturday, January 11, 2014

More Than a Living read this article last night. I had heard some of this before while I researched writing as I read To Kill a Mockingbird. A writer or artist may struggle with fame, yet being able to do what we love. To be loved so greatly that our works make a ton of money is a dream few achieve.
One book only though is all Harper Lee wrote. I asked Katie her senior year of high school, "Can you go a day without writing?" She looked at me like I had asked her to stop breathing. I have found I need to click my fingers against the keyboard every day or I get depressed. I started writing every day in 2000 as a goal to be a writer. A few years ago, the declaration, "I am a writer." instead of going to be a writer or want to be a writer, changed my life.
When I struggled with wanting to write as a living, against being on the road every day with home health, a glimpse of fame in fantasy would knock me awake. I could also be on a book tour promoting my recent work. I'd still be away from home, dealing with strange people. So part of me can understand that wanting to be isolated that Harper Lee answered in why she never wrote again.
Still nine thousand dollars a day could help me write every day without worry. I would want to keep writing I tell myself. At least until the David and Mary Thompson story was researched and written and published, then I would be happy. The Thompson story that prompted me on the pursuit of a writing career.  Would I find writer's block instead? Such a possibility, but since I'm hardly making any money writing right now, I don't have that worry.
No envy of Harper Lee here. I love the mapping of the journey, the travel and the highlights of publishing and royalty checks. I don't want to ever stop writing. If I ever could make nine thousand dollars a day, then living off ten percent like Rick Warren does would be a possibility.
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