Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Transition I have been doing Wordless Wednesday, but today I think this will be my last post on this blog. Last night, well, the early morning hours, I discovered my ad sense account was disapproved. I'm not angry. I hadn't reviewed the policies for a while. One of them is to not ask readers to read the ads on your site. The jump in traffic alerted them to invalid clicks or something like that.
I had been pondering whether to go to Word Press for some time. I had heard good things about Word Press. I decided last night that this was a good a time as any. So I am transitioning to Word Press. I'm learning, as life is always learning.
The timing seems right, as I will be publishing my novel soon. New novel, new blog site. Kind of like when I was younger, it was 'New house, new baby.' I need a fresh look.
I'll be between the two sites for a time. I have to figure out how to get this blog over to Word Press. One of my writer friends already gave advice- see, I told you, writers are the best people. We only want your success, because we feel there is always room for the next one coming.
I want to repeat again, I am not upset with Google or Ad Sense, it just was the impetus for the move I have thought about for awhile. So don't speak bad about them. They had the clearly established policy. I was the one who forgot. It was kind of fun for a short time to get a glimpse into making money with this crazy idea of writing.
Writing for me is to encourage others. My words are to uplift and help someone along the way. The highest aim is to glorify God. I must never lose sight of that. God is my provider and my patron.
I do thank you readers for your support of me in my efforts in this new world. I wrote for a long time for only myself. Now, I am giving. I prefer this. 

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