Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Writer's Support Group

Writers are the best people. I have been welcomed into this group of writers. After a few months of Sundays in Boardman, really just three, I am part of the group. They are open with ideas and help. Two that live south of me will work on formatting my novel for CreateSpace this week. Yes, I'm paying for the service, but there was no feeling that they were too busy to help me with the deadline.
We laugh and share. We plan book signings. My first, I hope, will be at the Hermitage Arts Festival in July. I feel this is appropriate. Susan already has the space at different ones and she gladly opens it to us. She keeps us informed of these festivals and such. Her next one is in Volant this Saturday and I think a trip to Amish country should be made.
A successful writer pours into upcoming writers. They listen to the stories written, with critique and praise. The husbands wander in and out of Caribou Coffee shop. This is more than a hobby, more than a group of friends, we learn and glean from each other. I hope to get more knowledge and local information to share with the group. I thought of Leana's Bookstore at our mall, writing questions to ask her about local writers to share next month.
I am refreshed so much more with writers than by any gathering I have had with nurses on a professional level. I love caring for people, but our sessions usually turn into griping. My one friend stated years ago, "Nurses eat their young." We don't support new nurses coming up. It is competitive.
Maybe I'm in that honeymoon phase of emerging on the professional level of writing, but I don't think so. I didn't run into wariness at St. David's Conference two years ago when I attended. Again, helpfulness and encouragement abounded for a very new writer on the cusp of just finishing her first novel with no idea where to go with it. I didn't even have my own laptop then.
The speakers and attendees at St. David's filled my arms with gifts, as I could only be there one day. One e-mailed me her notes for the next two days on magazine writing. She felt bad I couldn't continue with the week. A speaker gave me a book that she was saving for the last day. Everyone showed kindness during breaks and we picked each others minds for information. The attitude, we all can succeed and I will help you on your journey.
I'm getting this once a month with my new group because I reached out one day to travel to East Liverpool to meet the authors that used CreateSpace. One invited me and the rest they say is history. And a good history at that
.  This has a picture of us last month at Caribou.
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