Monday, June 10, 2013

Support Your Local Bookstore 
More on Stephen King. I bought his new book Saturday at our local bookstore. He is supporting the "brick and mortar" bookstores. I want to support them, too. The owner has local author signings. She wasn't there on Saturday, but I hope to develop a relationship with her.
In the meantime, I need to polish Summer Triangle before it leaves the sky. I'm watching the real one slowly, yet quickly march across the sky. The beginning of May, the formation was in the East. Saturday evening it dominated the Southern sky right outside my door. Last year at the end of June, when I first discovered it, it filled the night sky in the Southwest corner. As time flies, soon it will be gone for another year.
The cover is close to being finalized. I need to re-read the story yet another time. And pray. Stick my courage to the hitching post and run like the wind. Or something like that. Because I am scared. Where did all my plucky confidence hide?

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