Sunday, June 16, 2013


Seven hundred posts I have written. Seven is complete, but I'm not complete in my dreams. Number one novel set to be published soon, but not the first I wrote. I like the way it is working out. Main Street, the first of Gables and Gingerbread Stories, will come out later. The second in that series named, Country, that needs to be finished, then Crossroads, which is yet to be written.
So Summer Triangle I wrote for NaNoWriMo in November and completed will get my five free copies from CreateSpace. This story is not historical fiction that the other three are. Maybe even a little bit biographical, although, I'm not as strong as Maria. Are any of us as strong as we want to be? My husband is not Brendan, Maria's husband, and the children are not mine. I poured much of myself into it, but it is not my story of my life.
I have always wondered when I read books where the authors' minds were. How much is personal? How much is factual? Except for fantasy, I don't wonder. Maybe those are the most real, though, huh?
I sit on my dreams right now. I wonder where the seventh month of 2013 will take me. Anita Mathias, a blogger from England wrote a post today  that addresses waiting on dreams. It is not waiting, though, as she writes, it is working toward them. The hardest part of writing is that sitting and writing. Then rewriting. And rewriting. I want to move on now, finish Country. Write the Nanny Princess children's books. Yes, I anticipate writing for a long time.
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