Monday, June 24, 2013

A Day I Wished Wouldn't End

I had a day that I never wanted to end. Even though, I attended church by myself, I sat in a full pew with the others I meet at church, my niece, her friend and family and the pew in front with another family that we are close. The sermon hit between the eyes and into the heart. My only challenge after hearing it was that we would not gather in the huddle, then return to the bench and sit. We have to leave the pew with the equipment we received yesterday and do battle.
My writer's support group met in the afternoon and the ride to Boardman made me miss working there. I love summer and 224 on a Sunday afternoon isn't like a weekday or Saturday afternoon with traffic. Sunday afternoon lazes in comparison. Seeing patrons sit at the bistro tables outside created a lounging summer effect.
My husband and I relaxed after the youngest galloped off to a graduation party before the oldest came home from work. Around six the faint music of the trio playing at the park slipped into the air conditioned home. "Fifty cent hot dogs," I enticed for supper.
We strolled the back way into the park, bought our supper for four dollars of two Pepsi's, bag of Cape Cod BBQ chips and two perfect hot dogs. We found a bench in the shade to eat and listen to the jazz. A concert that got better with each song.
After the concert, we meandered around Lake Julia, then took the fitness trail that doesn't allow dogs. We glanced at the new free library filled only a quarter capacity with Full House books. If kids will read, we'll use an old TV show.
We relaxed some more at home. I reading the Sunday Vindicator and then Stephen King, David on the laptop, Katie on the PC.
"Let's go for ice cream."
A trip to the chill grill which just doesn't work like the Dairy Queen on State Street satisfied little a sweet tooth.

We gazed at the super moon rising in the east, big and yellow. We got home, I posted on my blog and continued reading Stephen King, until two. I was still ready to arise at seven to beat the heat.
Tomorrow I'll write about the great walking trails in Hermitage. My battery ran down on my phone and I wasn't able to get too many pictures. Summer has seemed perfect this year. Maybe I'm content.
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