Friday, June 7, 2013

Generous Husband

I got off the phone with my husband. He chattered away about what he has for my daughter's birthday today. He finds unusual items. He loves to spend money on gifts.
I think how one time David paid for personalized T-shirts or hats at a local store. The Salvation Army had an order right after he finished his transaction. He grabbed his wallet and pulling out the amount for their order.
Speaking of the Salvation Army, David will literally throw his coinage into the kettle at Christmas time, laughing, "Merry Christmas!"
Forget cheerful giver, David is a hilarious giver. At first, this bothered me, wondering if he were sincere. I found out he is. I discovered he is painfully honest. When Seafood Express didn't charge us for a dinner that we ate, he went back in and paid for it. An impressed nineteen year old gave up her heart that day to an honest man. Most would think, "Oh, I'm lucky," and pocket the money.
Another reason this conservative guy won and kept my heart. He may not be a financial wizard, but in God's economy, he knows what he is doing.
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