Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I thought after a few read throughs (understatement) I'm close to setting up Summer Triangle to publish with CreateSpace. I lay my head on my pillow the other night and "copyright" barged into my mind. I used a lot of song lyrics and I don't know a thing about copyright laws. Well, enough to know I can't use words without paying for them.
I whipped off a quick e-mail to one of my new published writer friends. She confirmed what I knew. I look at the calender and heave a big breath. One more revision that I hope some day to get back into the story. I felt down. I felt pressure. I felt, "Oh, is this worth it?"
I know it is. I know I will make it. I know it won't be hard to make those changes and I look forward to when I'll have the money to publish it the way I want it published. I thank you, my readers for all the support you have shown me. I thank you for clicking on the ads in the right hand corner that bolster my ad earnings. That encourages me more than any of the monetary gain.
Actually I imagine this novel made into a Hallmark movie with all the music I thought about as I wrote. Now, I'm really dreaming. I know how hard it is to get a book made into a movie. It is a wonder they get made at all. I also know the movie can never be what is in your imagination. That is the best movie of all.

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