Friday, December 14, 2012

Writing Now

Having a minor procedure this morning, but I will be "put out." I figured I'd just write something now, because if I react like before, I will sleep the rest of the day, when we finally have sunny weather. The sun seems brighter in December. I feel, as I walk, as if I'm in a movie.
I watched two college age boys throwing a frisbee in the kite field yesterday afternoon. I thought of a million scenes from movies, either in Central Park or a college campus. I have been enjoying the forties degree weather with the bright sunshine. Bundled up, I don't notice the cold, nor do I sweat.
Harrison and I took a few leisurely walks the last few days, making up for the rain and dreariness of many November days. Too wet and cold to be outside long. Many days, Harrison would stare out the open door and retire to the couch. He got antsy and trotted out all kinds of goodies from our bedrooms to get our attention. Maybe this weekend will end up the same.
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