Friday, August 22, 2014

Pictures from Main Street Launch

This has been an incredible week. Tonight, I'll post some pictures of my launch of Main Street at the Sesquicentennial Celebration for West Middlesex, Pennsylvania. I'm interviewing a woman who visited the celebration. I'm finishing it tomorrow morning. I did take today off to move my youngest into her college dorm apartment. All this and working afternoon turn. I managed to write some on Last Free Exit, too. The two part interview has been so much fun, but time consuming. Hoping I wake earlier to get some writing done before work. Enjoy the launch pictures:

Looking east on Main Street. The red brick Italianate house on right.

Across to School Street.

"Here's to you, Martha."

My table

I had some offers for this. No, not for sale.

My sister's friend from high school. Homecoming and Putt-Putt Queen(not me!)
More class of '66. Look, they have my book! Best neighbors for my mom.

The Williams girls celebrating family reunion, too. 58 on the family float.

The coolest customer escaping the heat, or trying.

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