Monday, May 19, 2014

Teddy's Law Tuesday

I'm looking at Teddy's Law Facebook page and not much to repost. Please like it on Facebook and/or Twitter. They want to make laws stronger to detect child abuse before it is too late. I encourage all to report child abuse. That is the purpose of the post on Tuesdays.
That Teddy's story touched me caught me by surprise. Every story of a child being abused disturbs me, but for some reason when I first heard Teddy's on WKBN, I felt different. When he died, a spot in my heart cried. Realization that I had known his mother from working at a client's house mobilized me to do something.
If we all can observe a tiny bit closer, a life may be better or saved. Teddy's Law would help open more doors to saving lives. A dad's love story for his son, Sean was kept from his son, by the mother who condoned the abuse and she is now serving time. He wants to do everything for Teddy's memory to prevent further abuse.
I hope my writing on Tuesdays about this can help, too.
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