Friday, May 2, 2014

They Will Come

They Will Come
Mollie Lyon
A plus B doesn't always equal C
and C, not necessarily followed by D.
Sometimes it can be I or E.

God doesn't have to follow the rules
He made us with free will
to make our plans
 leaving them in our hands

Depression rushed in
like a freight train careening,
pushing all else off the track.
After the wreck, don't look back

Don't even glance.
Pull on ahead
Waiting for another chance,
you are not dead.

Mistakes are life
or so it seems.
Causing strife
But Christ redeems

This is not what I had this morning in bed
I wish those words would come back to my head.

I like the big band sounds of Grapefruit Moon
I find I think in poetry often
with those smooth horns in the background.

Iggy's uncle will have that on.
A tribute to the Jersey shore sound

Another dreary morning,
with a broken lamp.
Why am I up so early,
staring at dead blooms and tight buds?

Bits of green and dull color
still cool, but a bit warmer
Spring is slow.
Slow in coming

So I feel with God's promises,
but like spring and summer,
they will come.
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