Friday, December 28, 2012

Novel Reading and Writing

I was so motivated to read the book I commented on yesterday that I finished it, about two hundred pages last night. I'm glad to say, it did turn out to be a happy, positive ending. I still had a hard time getting over the lack of quotation marks.
Sad beginnings, a desperate middle and lately I feel the modern authors want the pathos to continue with no resolution of conflict. Am I the only one who gets frustrated reading stories like this? I know I want to write novels with conflict. I don't want them to end with the "pat ending," though, either. I guess we are always looking for the edge.
I desire to remain true to my faith. I want my stories to lift up Jesus. I determined to not write the "Christian Harlequin" where everyone and the chicken get "saved." Would Christians like to see that? Of course, but I have been living long enough to know that no matter how often the Gospel is presented, how God may intervene, and I know He does, because His deep yearning is that none shall perish, hearts remain hardened. Life is complicated. 
I want my novels to carry weight, address messy situations, but to also bring a resolution. Sometimes, though, like in real life, answers are not what we desire. The Buffalo Soldier ended promoting marriage, adoption, and life. Even race differences shone in a positive light. I will try another of Chris Bohjalian, like Midwives, to understand his style better.
Now, back to Hemingway and some C.S. Lewis, I think.
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