Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Memory

Well, instead of posting tonight, I'm reminiscing on my Face book page- You know you're from West Middlesex if _________. Got me on Main Street and Haywood Street. Down to the creek and Kiwanis Park. Getting my hide tanned and grounded at three or four years old. Such a rebel.  Being a mother, now, I can't imagine letting my girls run like I did at such an early age.
I painted a car with one boy. I also skinny dipped with him, but my top was too tight, so just the pants came off. We wandered two blocks to the creek. Fortunately, that only ended with a spanking with the pancake turner. No drownings. My mom told how she and the other mother peered into the empty house next door. Dad drove all over. He must have remembered his childhood of skinny dipping in the river at Valley Mould in his childhood. So he and the father found us splashing in the shallow water. Loved that creek, through the years.
It was cooler weather when the other boy and I escaped farther up the creek to Kiwanis Park. He also hit me in the forehead, when I yelled at him for throwing rocks at my grandpa's car, parked on Haywood Street. He turned around and threw one at me. I still have the scar.
My mother was glad when the two boys moved out of town and I played with a little girl, Tracy. I wrote about her before on her birthday. I got into less trouble, playing in their sandbox and swinging high into the sky from their swing set.
So this sight, as I have mentioned too many times, takes me back. We are having so much fun reminding each other of sights, sounds and tastes. I do wish eighty year olds and even some ninety year olds could offer some of their history. People are digging up pictures to post of aerial scenes. I sit down to post and then a number pops up on Facebook telling me there may be another memory.

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