Monday, December 3, 2012


I think I'm still a little bleary eye from so much writing on Friday. I love my posts from last December, so if this is uninspiring, please look back at them.
I feel I cheated yesterday, but I'm still looking for revival. I read a book over the weekend that left me pinned against the couch. I'm sorting through it in my mind and the Bible. I feel convicted. I saw how vulnerable we are by not knowing the Bible. If you know anything about prophecy, it speaks of a present message and a future message. The book is The Harbinger, by Jonathan Cahn, based on Isaiah 9:10, and the relationship to 9/11/01.
The most convicting part for me at the beginning was how I know I and many other Christians thrilled that leaders were quoting scripture. Many used this verse from Isaiah, but it is out of context. How many Christians knew this at the time? The day after on the Capitol steps. In 2004, by John Edwards, and in February of 2009, indirectly by President Obama. Most of us applauded the American spirit, the we will rebuild, our Yankee roots that formed so much of our rugged individualism.
Isaiah 9:10 is a verse of defiance. The country declaring they can rebuild without calling on or  acknowledging God. And have we not pushed God out of the public square? We turned to prayer in 2001, but soon fought to get it out of our public meetings, again.
I was mostly upset that I missed the use of this obscure verse from Isaiah. This was after the first attack on Israel by the Assyrians. They did not turn back to God. Several warnings. How many warnings must this country have? Will it turn back? I had no idea at the time about this verse.
If any one has read this book and wants to discuss it, please comment somewhere. If you have not read it, don't judge what I have written, until you have read it. Thank you. I would like to explore what it means to different people.
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