Saturday, December 15, 2012

Writing About Small Town

I have a bit of a block. I've been spending much time on Facebook, with the You know you're from West Middlesex if______. The site is growing as more have become aware of it. I find myself wishing folks in their eighties could be on it.
My procedure went well yesterday. I think I was more tired after my colonoscopy than yesterday. I had the twilight anesthesia. I think I did dream during it, but just remember them waking me in the OR. Then wheeling me to the room. I was home by three. Did take a restful nap on the couch.
Then checking out that Facebook page. I love the old pictures posted. One was downtown around 1920, the same time as my book, Main Street. An aerial shot of the old high school also fueled my imagination. I'm revising it, planning on publishing it in January, due to circumstances that didn't allow me to finish it in October like I had first planned.
I must go back to my picture for this year of the yoke. I need to learn so much to trust in Jesus. I am amazed at how events work together. At least in my writing and everything else.
I hope to get back on track remembering junior high and high school. So many memories I'm reading every day from the site. I hope we're not falling into the illusion of small town. We had fun and we're blessed, but evil lurks everywhere as yesterday's shootings remind us.
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