Saturday, October 27, 2012

Last Home Football Game

My baby girl is a senior. She has been in the band, three years playing the trombone, and now in a leadership role of drum major. I have truly enjoyed these football games. The band lifts spirits for the crowd with lively music and the fronts cheering. They also create a wind block if you sit on their right(or south side). As soon as they can they can they don their colorful bomber hats. As they take off their band jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and varsity jackets appear. I love the hats the most.
The football games have been exciting because of their winning season, due to the fantastic coaching of the new coach. The players are small and fast. The long runs, yards of 60-80, for touch downs never cease to amaze me. Too often, though, penalties are called on the plays. But still, the team wins almost every game. Play offs are in the future again this year.
Last night as the couple that have sat near us all season, stood up to leave at the end of the game, the thought gripped my heart, we will probably never sit near each other again. Next September, the stands will have just a different feel. I miss the prior seatmates. The seniors that move on and parents find something else to do on a Friday night. Some parents keep coming out of habit and joy. This night will never be replicated.
The rain held off until we stood to leave. The dampness made me feel much cooler than I had. We sat under a sleeping bag all evening. I love how warm and cozy that feels, even though we really haven't gotten into the cold weather, yet. The hot chocolate raises the temperature of my insides.
We will have play off games. But these will be somewhere unfamiliar. The last home game holds a special place in my heart. Next year a different mix of students, band members, football players, parents and spectators create a feel for that year alone, although it will be very similar to every other year, still not the same.
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