Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowy Day

Snowed in. The temperature in the upper twenties. No wind. But the snow keeps falling, falling, falling, with even some icy rain around two.
I watched the little girls romp in the snow on the miniature hill between our yards. The bigger hill is too dangerous. Toby, the chocolate lab, loose, barks his delight again and again. I think Sarge, the black and white dog across their street, tied up yelps in envy. I heard a snowmobile of the young teenager up the hill roaring around.
The girls' colorful snowsuits stand out in the snow and the snow flakes that won't quit. The girls are small, holding hands up the hill, then the older one in kindergarten, drapes an arm around her younger sister. They are both adventuresome girls and the wicked weather doesn't bother them.
Oh, if I didn't have this head cold. My sinuses bust through my head. My body aches. I want to play in the snow, watch Harrison romp, plowing the snow with his nose. Much more fun than seeing him attack my pajama bottoms after trotting them out from my bedroom.
I hunker in, wondering how people traveling are doing. My husband is driving into this storm and the depot may even close. But how do we know that twelve hours out? He knows now why he bought an SUV. A mild winter last year caused him to judge his wisdom. I'm glad he is in one now.
The snow keeps coming and coming. From twenty minutes, the pavement is covered where Katie made it bare. Quarter to six and all I want is bed.
Aw, a cup of hot tea. The dark covers the window, hard to watch the snow fall. A good time to catch up on charting, I'd say. Since I don't have a cozy fireplace.
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